GRUPA VILNIS was created spontaneously in 1999, when during one of the last rehearsals of VONOSONOLOPPUS a recording was made, which later was called "kas nekaiš grupā vilnī būt" (1999) - a play of words which is almost impossible to translate. The line-up was formed by already known people: struhs - guit, klusais - bass, edzh - drums. That was it for a certain period of time.

On 18.08.2001 at DIY culture house Zabadaks was organized a gig of several bands from Riga, but they didn't arrive, so the public was entertained by an improvised band, where among others played Kaki (drums) and Edzh (bass). This fantastic performance was attributed to GRUPA VILNIS. In autumn 2001 Edzh and Kaki started serious rehearsals, and the first performance took place at ZABADAKS carnival on 31.12.2001. Until 2004 this ambient punk drum and bass duo played at varios places: clubs, diy open air festival TABUNS, Green Club in Vilnius among others. There was a musical break for ~ 1,5 years, but the people were still together, making gigs at Zabadaks un sometimes improvising on anything that came in handy.

In 2006 Struhs with his guitar, hands and ears joined GRUPA VILNIS and the band started a new life as an instrumental trio.

We still maintain that music is not a business and that the most important thing is the wave of music and emotions that are created among players, participants, listeners. It's very probable that the best compositions of GRUPA VILNIS have been made with a pair of empty cans, out-of-tune piano or flute.



GRUPAS VILNIS newest recordings
(Most of the songs included here can be heard in the player above)

DEMO 2008
DEMO 2007


Duo's GRUPA VILNIS (2001 - 2004) recordings:

Self released album "Man ir āmurs" with 20 songs from live performances in DIY festival "Tabuns", club Depo, diy house Zabadaks, etc. Ambient punk. 

Daždien atpakaļ live @ Tabuns festival

Unreleased recordings