"TABUNS" was an open-air festival of non-commercial culture organized by NEKAC. The festival encompassed entertaining as well as informative and educational activities: musical and video performances, photo exhibitions, workshops, sport and visual art actions. The form of the event (living in tents in the castle mound of Kuldîga, where the artists have a direct rapport with the audience) emphasized the essence of the project - to show ones ideas and talents in dialogue and informal ambience.

By the way, the word "TABUNS" in Russian means a horse herd (and later we found out that it's also a toxic nerve agent used in WWII:).

In our festival we try to show a way to be not dependent on the dictate of the mass culture industry (large companies, business functionaries, copyrigh agency), to encourage and to let people know of the activities that are not mainstreamed through the mass media canals.

We offer the natural creativity of a dialogue, not the surrogated sell – buy music/art consumerism. There are no VIP zone or idolized rockstars at our fest, feel free to participate in the festival activities – DIY football, free art performances, discussions etc.


Starting with the summer of 2000, five years in a row at the ancient hillfort of Kuldiga we organized festival "TABUNS" which was attended by thousands of people, and for many it was the most important event in summer. A large part of the people who attended the festival directly and in praxis became the co-creators of the festival and helped us, sacrificing their free time.
Usually at TABUNS we offered 2 days with live bands, DJs, videos, photo and art exhibitions, theatre performances, serious and funny sports tournaments, swimming in the river, walking in the woods, activities for children, vegetarian food, prepared by Krisha people, etc...

Well, but as it happens in this consumer world, our festival became too large and attracted too many people who had no idea and no interest in the very essence of the festival - positive participation and doing it by themselves. So we decided to stop the festival, so that it won't become a teenage drink-and-consume fest.

Nevertheless we tried to make it as good as it could be, always holding to our diy ideals. We are really glad that "TABUNS" in a way was a DIY outdoor festival pioneer in Latvia and has inspired people to make similar festival in Latvia and abroad.

Again, huge thanks to everyone who helped!

nekacerria 2006